Depending on the client’s needs, through business associates, we are also able to assist clients with the following services:

  • company incorporation, or purchase of a shelf company
  • nominee and representation services
  • opening of bank accounts
  • Know your client services (services which assist you in understanding your prospective customers by providing you with financial information, information regarding whether they have any association with illegal activities, including money laundering, fraud and terrorism financing, as well as information about their association with other companies and individuals, if any, or whether they are in a bankruptcy or liquidation process, or whether they have defaulted in the settlement of their liabilities, etc.).
  • Company searches of the statutory details information, held by the Registrar of Companies, of any company (including whether there are any charges registered against the company under review).

Direct partner involvement throughout the delivery of our services ensures the attention and quality service you deserve.

Feel free to contact us, for more details and/or an introductory meeting where we can further explain how we can take this burden off your shoulders and help you minimize your risks.